Port El Morro

It is a picturesque village surrounded by lush green mangroves, where its people hospitable, friendly and dedicated to fishing and shellfish harvesting due regard to their responsibility to the care and preservation of the environment. Puerto El Morro belongs to the parish of Canton El Morro Guayaquil, in the Guayas Province, is a rural area two hours and 15 minutes from Guayaquil Canton General Villamil (beaches). In 2007 the area was declared by the Ministry of Environment as a protected area under the category Mangrove Wildlife Refuge El Morro. Ecotourism activities carried out are supported by the Ministry of Environment, the Undersecretary of Tourism, e-Tourism and Environment of the Municipality of Guayaquil, the Merchant Marine and the Port of Guayaquil company, among others.

TRAVEL Dolphin estuary

- Departure by boat from Pier
- Recognition of the avifauna
- Boat trip Firth dolphins
- Visit to the island "Manglecito"
- Return to the Pier.

Duration: 1:30 - 4.99$

TRAVEL Bird Island

- Departure by boat from Pier
- Recognition of the avifauna
- Visit the estuary of dolphins
- Visit to the Island "Manglecito"
- Recognition of the flora and fauna
- Boat ride on the open sea
- Visit the bird island
- Walking Tour for 30 minutes
- Observation of frigates.
- Return to the Spring

Duration: 3h00 - 7.99$

Who We Are

We are a group of 35 families with communal sense of belonging and community that believes in social agency to transform our reality through responsible economic activities that do not cause harm to members of the community or the environment. We are part of the popular and solidarity economies commune promoted indigenous ancestral Puerto del Morro backed public sector entities, private and our Federation of Indigenous El Morro.


Set tourist services not as a business but as a native cultural exchange that exceeds the logic of patronage and empowers us various experimental services such as experiential ancestral huts, scans the Cerro Morro; nights idols, Huancavilcas and dances, a connection city ​​field recovery alliance solidarity between the ancestral and modern.


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