Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Hacienda La Alegria specializes in horseback vacations in the beautiful surroundings of the high Andes of Ecuador. Your host Gabriel Espinosa comes from a family steeped in equestrian tradition, and his enthusiasm for riding and horses is at the core of everything we do at La Alegria. We cater for experienced riders and total beginners.

We offer day rides for those new to riding, travellers with limited time, or those who just want a brief taste of the fresh mountain air! We also run a program of more adventurous multi-day trips travelling on horseback through the mountains, forests and paramo (high grasslands) of the Andes. Details of some of our rides can be found on the menu on the right. For groups of two or more we are also happy to organize itineraries customized to your requirements.

Horses and tack

At Hacienda La Alegria our horses are very important to us. Most have been bred here on the farm from mixed Criollo (native South American), English Thoroughbred and Arabian stock, resulting in a near perfect combination of toughness, agility, calm temperament and "mountain sense". Beginners and experienced riders alike have found them easy to ride, willing and good mannered. If you have previous riding experience you will be given plenty of opportunity to canter.

We have a range of tack including North American style, English style, Mclellan calvary, Chillean and traditional Ecuadorian "Chagra" style with its intricate leather-work and saddle horn.


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