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The Xabre, Radeon, and MX stay very close to each sis xabre 400 here, with the Xabre scoring on par with the MX for most tests and actually beating out the Radeon in x resolution. Unlike the MX, however, and thanks to its DirectX 8 support, the Xabre runs this game flawlessly, with all the cool effects that the shaders allow.

That puts it over the MX in my book. This card has been a mixed bag for me. Thanks for the link, Zorba.


Does anybody remember when the last "Tom's Monday Blurb" was and what it's topic was, mmm? This was the last Blurb done by Tom's on monday You must log in or register to reply here. Graphics Cards 3 Oct 11, But in a nice set of results for our first gaming test, the Xabre outperforms the MX in x and above, and stays close to the Radeoneven besting it by a sis xabre 400 bit in x With AA enabled the Radeon scored much better, however. So with that in mind, the results from running Serious Sam were most unexpected.


The game would run, but it was not playable. The Xabre is reduced to the same graphics settings as the GeForce4 MX in Comanche 4, and its performance is disappointing. Not even setting TexTurbo to 3 makes things respectable, and frame rates really slide as the resolution scales up. Only the Xabre seemed to slow down during these transitions, sis xabre 400 one scene fades into the next, and where I would assume transparency is being used extensively. We would have offered up compressed JPEGs, but compressing files designed to illustrate image quality sort of defeats the purpose. Texture quality This is where we uncover the price for all that extra performance having TexTurbo set to 3 was able to sis xabre 400 us in our performance benchmarks.

SiS Xabre GPU (Page 1/8) :: Articles :: ®

Curiously, the memory chips rated to MHz topped out at only MHz, and the card crashed consistently with memory clocked any higher. So is SiS cheating? Testing shows that SiS sacrifices image quality to gain higher performance in 3D applications with its TexTurbo setting. A TexTurbo setting of 3 sis xabre 400 higher frame rates at the expense of texture quality. But is that wrong? Letting the users adjust texture quality easily from the driver control panel is all SiS needs to do to correct the problem, since doing so will give users a choice between texture quality and performance. They save transistors by emulating a vertex shader in software, but they include hardware pixel shaders to achieve DirectX 8. Filed under: Video Cards.


SiS Xabre Bus Type. Later we will look deeper into them, and now a bit of theory.

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Hardware support of pixel shaders 1. As a result, there is no hardware support for processing of vertex shaders.

This sis xabre 400 quite rational, as vertex shaders can be emulated by almost any modern processor, unlike pixel shaders. We will examine the respective aspects sis xabre 400 the chip's performance. This company is mostly known in China and Taiwan. Some time ago it announced a SIS Xabre product which is tested today. Before we turn to the card in question, I must say that Triplex covers all its PCBs with a thin layer of silver.

Silicon Integrated Systems - Wikipedia

Such cards are named Millennium Silver. It provides two advantages: Screening of the printed-circuit board to protect from pickups; Heat reduction, as the whole card acts as a radiator. Some cards contain a 3D graphics accelerator but it is only functional with the SiS's Proprietary Windows-only driver [1] the company does not provide [2] documentation for others to write drivers. However, the Linux kernel includes a working third party driver that, while not supporting 3D gaming, makes the cards usable under Linux. The company was founded sis xabre 400 in Hsinchu Science ParkTaiwan. In the late s, SiS made the decision to invest in their own chip fabrication facilities.

Monday at AM. Jul 23, Jul 4, Find out the answers to these questions and more as we take an in-depth look at SiS's Xabre graphics chip. The chip SiS hasn't sis xabre 400. SiS Xabre 1st AGP 8X card.

Palcal's card: (75) Soltek XPA. (75) Soltek XPA. (75) Soltek XPA. (75) Soltek XPA.

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(75) Soltek.

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