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Zoom ZFX C5.1t - Modeling Software and Digital Audio Interface Package

I really liked the '' Marshall emulation, which spits out a gloriously dirty distortion; yet although the Hiwatt model is also nice when cranked up, its clean sound is disappointingly generic, with none of that characteristic glassy, compressed treble you'd hope for. Similarly, Zoom's take on the Matchless DC30 is a very playable and flexible amp, but their Vox AC30 emulation lacks the complexity and richness of the real thing, and adds an unmusical 'clah' sound on note attacks. In general, as is often the case with software amp simulations, I felt that ZFX did a pretty good job with ultra—clean Jazz Chorus—type sounds, and also with crunchy distorted tones, but was weaker on those warm, edge—of—break—up sounds beloved of country players. There's a choice of four virtual mics to place on your virtual cabinet, and control over distance and position with respect to the centre of the speaker cone but not over the angle of the mic is provided.

The audible consequences of moving the mic are pretty subtle, with a slight increase in brightness at the centre of the cone, and a pleasant but not overwhelming early reflections—type reverb creeping in as you move it away. Differences between the mics and cabs themselves are more obvious, and usefully extend the range zoom c5.1t sounds available, though it's annoying that changing the mic or cabinet resets the mic position to the default. Given Zoom's heritage as a manufacturer of effects, you'd expect their selection of virtual stompboxes to be a strength, and it is.

They are not particularly user—friendly, since you need to zoom in quite a long way to adjust the controls, but the range of effects on offer is zoom c5.1t broad. Compare similar products.

Zoom ZFX Control Package

You Are Viewing. With its intuitive user interface, we've made Zoom c5.1t easy to setup and change while you play. Changing amp settings, cabinet layout, mic position and rearranging the stompbox effects is simple with our unique drag and drop operation. You will then receive an email with further instructions once the zoom c5.1t have made a decision.


For in store applications you can usually wait in the shop whilst the underwriters review your application. Underwriting hours are between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank holidays9am and 6pm on Saturday, and 10am and 5pm on Sunday. If your application is referred outside of these hours then zoom c5.1t may have to wait until the next working day for the decision. For finance orders made online or via mail order we are only able to deliver the goods to the address on your credit agreement your home address. You will not be able to have the goods zoom c5.1t to another address or collect the goods from us in person. If you wish to return the order then please refer to our returns policy. If we accept your return we will contact the lender to cancel the credit agreement. We may not able to cancel the finance if the return falls outside of our returns period.

You zoom c5.1t be informed of the decision if the lender declines your application, the lender in unable to share the reason for decline with us. The Zoom C5.

The Hi-Z input section contains a 12AX7 pre-amp valve, blending the clarity of transistor sound with the natural compression and zoom c5.1t of a valve. The C5. The built-in expression pedal and footswitches all you to control preset parameters and effects of the ZFX with your foot zoom c5.1t playing your guitar.

No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Guitar Accessories. The top two switches default to stepping forward and zoom c5.1t through the current bank of presets, but you can disable this behaviour globally, allowing them to be reassigned to effects pedals or whatever. This is flexible and works pretty well, although the small graphics can get fiddly. A possible improvement for future versions would be to make it possible to assign pedals and switches simply by right—clicking on the parameter in question, rather than having to visit the Control panel every time. I would also dearly love to be able to turn off the 'Patch has been edited. Are you sure" Interface

  • Zoom ZFX Control Package
  • Zoom ZFX CONTROL C5.1t USB Audio Interface
  • Spesifikasi Zoom ZFX CONTROL C5.1t USB Audio Interface
  • Annoyingly, this setting is stored on a patch—by—patch basis; for me, it would make more sense to have it switched globally, as you're likely to change preset much more often than you change guitar. After a while, I ended up ignoring it most of the time, as I wasn't convinced that matching the Pickup Selector to the guitar necessarily improved the sound. Blending the clarity of solid-state sound with the natural compression and saturation of a zoom c5.1t tube creates a warm, organic tone that only comes from ZFX interfaces.

    Two zoom c5.1t XLR inputs with 48V phantom power are on board for use with condenser microphones to record vocal or acoustic instruments.ZFX Plug-in / Control Package Ct Be a real guitar hero. Package icon Mac OS X ~ Ct ASIO Driver.

    Jual Zoom ZFX CONTROL Ct USB Audio Interface

    Package icon Windows XP/Vista (32bit). Overview; Features; Downloads; DISCONTINUED. Guitar Interface Ct. Downloads.


    Images. Software. Zoom Ct ASIO Driver. Package icon Download Now.

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