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IRIS - Airforce Series - Mudhen Driver [FSX] (2012)

I'm just about to purchase the necessary components I need to make this whole thing working. I'll let you know how i get on! View mobile website. Shutting down either engine will iris f-15e mudhen automatic avionics shutdown to protect the avionics equipment from overheating. In the event the automatic avionics shutdown does not occur, turning off all avionics except VHF will protect this equipment. During single engine operation inadequate avionics cooling airflow is possible. When inadequate cooling is detected, an immediate automatic avionics shutdown occurs.

The only indication of this condition will be blank displays. If normal operation does not resume, it iris f-15e mudhen be necessary to start the second engine. During dual engine operation, a Display Flow Low caution is an abnormal condition and indicates low cooling air flow to the cockpit displays.

What happened to Iris Pro Series FE Mudhen Driver

Turning off all non-essential displays will help protect them from heat damage. Lesser errors may be considered excessive for certain missions.

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The Iris f-15e mudhen should be off for at least 5 seconds prior to another alignment. If possible, monitor the ground speed and present position for at least one minute to assess accuracy.

FSX USAF F-15E Mudhen Driver

The iris f-15e mudhen to abort or continue takeoff depends on many factors, most of which relate to a specific takeoff situation. Considerations should include, but are not limited to, the following:.

Consider aborting after airborne where sufficient runway is available. Normally, with the short takeoff distances of the aircraft, abort is not a problem, but early decision will provide the most favorable circumstances. Throttles — IDLE iris f-15e mudhen.

When airborne, the possibility exists of wing station stores colliding with CFT mounted stores and subsequent collision with the aircraft. Ground jettisoning may result in the stores striking the ground before pylon aft pivots release. Under these conditions, the wing mounted pylon stores will probably rotate horizontally, and will strike the landing gear if the rotation is in that direction. The centerline pylon will almost certainly strike the landing gear. If centerline or inboard release is required with the iris f-15e mudhen gear down, damage may occur to the aircraft.

Do not use emergency jettison on the ground, or with AIM-7 missiles onboard, except as a last resort iris f-15e mudhen in extreme emergency. For complete selective jettison procedures, refer to stores jettison systems, Section 1 of this POH. Depending on the type of failure and aircraft iris f-15e mudhen, MIL power may be sufficient to sustain flight. The aircraft accelerates better at a reduced AOA. If afterburner is required, use only that necessary to maintain safe flight.


If the decision is made to continue takeoff, input one-half aft stick at the rotation speed for continued takeoff found in figure Iris f-15e mudhen with CFTs or figure A without CFTsand rotate to a 10 degree pitch attitude. Delaying rotation in this way results in increased single engine rate of climb at takeoff. With CFTs, figures A through A should also be checked to determine if adequate single engine rate of climb is available at this iris f-15e mudhen speed. If available runway permits, the takeoff speed may be increased somewhat by delaying rotation until either runway.

This will result in correspondingly increased ground roll distance. When the ATDP caution is ON, loss of augmentor or transfers to secondary mode on one engine can result in a sudden loss of thrust on both engines. Refer to Engine Control Malfunction. The engine has an automatic afterburner recycle capability using the light-off detector. If the afterburner does not light satisfactorily or a blowout occurs, the DEEC will automatically resequence the afterburner ignition systems a maximum of three times in approximately 12 seconds providing the throttle remains above MIL.IRIS FE Mudhen Driver Product Handbook - Ebook download as PDF File.

Avionics Upgrade for the Iris FE Mudhen Driver in FSX - CombatACE News - CombatACE

pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. IRIS FE Mudhen Driver Product.


Avionics Upgrade for the Iris FE Mudhen Driver in FSX: The FE Strike Eagle is a dual-role fighter designed to perform air-to-air and.

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