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The binarisation technique which the unit uses employs is the error diffusion system.

The data which have been binarised are sent to the DC controller PCB with a recording resolution of x pdi equivalent. CCD unit 1 Remove the 2 installation screws, remove the copyboard glass stay, and then take out the copyboard glass. The laser beam generated by the laser canon gp160 pcl illuminates the 6 sided mirror, which rotates at a fixed speed. The laser beam reflected by the 6 sided mirror is filtered through a condensing lens in order to be focussed on the photosensitive drum. The optic path is bent by the lens mirror, and the beam arrives at the photosensitive drum. Refer to Canon gp160 pcl When the 6 sided mirror is rotating at a fixed speed, the laser beam is scanned onto the photosensitive drum at a fixed speed, the static charge eliminated and then an elec- trostatic latent image formed. Scanning lamp Mirror 2 Mirror 1.

Mirror 4 Mirror 3.

Canon GP_F_DF Service Manual Power Supply Image Scanner

Laser scanner unit Photo- sensitive drum. BD signal Laser scanner. BD sensor PCB motor drive. Condensing lens signal.

Laser mirror Laser unit. Related error code Laser scanner assembly BD signal output error Laser scanner motor rpm error.

Canon gp160 pcl the main motor fault condition by status 8 service technician call status Bit 2. Overview When the laser is illuminated onto the photosensitive drum, a laser emission start signal horizontal sync.

The laser beam sensor signal is used to generate this start signal. Back Front. Polygon mirror 6 sided Laser scanner unit.


Then, it is sent unchanged to the laser driver PCB receiver. Canon gp160 pcl light intensity control The laser semiconductor laser has the characteristic that the light intensity will fluc- tuate greatly when the ambient temperature changes. Therefore, the laser drive current is controlled to change automatically with the changes in the light intensity.

When the laser diode emits light, the laser elements built-in photo-diode receives the laser beam, and returns the received light output voltage, which corresponds to the strength of the light intensity, to the laser driver IC control amplifier circuit. At the control amplifier circuit, the electrical current which was set at the photo diode output voltage and the power adjustment circuit is compared, and the electrical current flow to the laser diode is controlled. This laser control takes place constantly during laser beam emis- sion. Operation outline The laser scanner motor is a 3 phase 8 pole DC brushless motor integrated, with the laser scanner motor drive circuit.

The supply of electrical power to the motor is controlled inside the scanner canon gp160 pcl PCB.

Laser scanner motor. Do not throw the drum cartridge into fire there is a danger of explosion.

Canon GP160 PCL 5e Drivers Download

In order to discharge any canon gp160 pcl electricity, touch the main units metal assembly before embarking on any work relating to the PCB. Laser scanner unit 1 Remove the printer from the main body. Refer to Then, after removing the 4 installation screws [4], remove the [4] laser scanner unit [5]. Construction The principal components of image formation system are shown in the diagram below.Canon GP Drivers.

image1 Recycle your Canon cartridge. Recycling. Learn more about Canon's Cartridge Recycling Programme ยท Feedback. Canon. Canon GP PCL5e, LPTENUM\CANONPRINTER_BOARD-J0ADB, Search the drivers. Canon GP PCL-P3/B1, LPTENUM\CANONGP

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